Songs for When You’re Dreaming of Far Away Places

Quarantine is creating difficult times around the world. It is vitally important to stay inside to help fight the Coronvirus pandemic and to help save lives. For the avid traveller, staying inside in one place can be a challenging time. We have created a traveller’s playlist for you for when you are dreaming of far away places.

Blind Man in Amsterdam
George Ezra

This sweet little number from George Ezra is great for a lazy afternoon or when you need a moment to chill. It tells of the impact a moment of connection with a perfect stranger can have on our lives and how important it is to stop and appreciate a moment.

Come Fly with Me
Frank Sinatra

An all time Sinatra classic. Close your eyes and fly with Sinatra around the globe when you really just need that escape.

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
The Proclaimers

No song will pump you up quite like 500 miles. Put on your kilt, find your inner Scot and belt out this classic, not quite as iconic as seeing Loch Ness but in quarantine it is a good substitute

Fast Car
Tracy Chapman

Most people have at least one memory that this classic brings back. For those quarantine days when you feel stuck play this classic and dream with Tracy of that fast car.

On a Coconut Island
Loius Armstrong

Another blast from the past. When you are stuck inside it can be nice to take a mental trip with Louis to that coconut island and dream of those sunny beach days.

The Script

This song only came out in the last few years but is a solid choice no matter what your mood is. Highlighting the importance of living life to the fullest and providing the World Wonders for inspo this is an ideal choice for you start planning your post lockdown adventures.

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